January 30, 2011

  I have been receiving many emails about my new Sienna kit . Just wanted to let you know that she will be available to pre order 

Tuesday February 1st, 2011

Thank you  for your interest


January 27, 2011

Dear Friends

Hope you are all staying warm during this very chilly winter!

I am very happy to announce that the Spencer kits have arrived today.  We have been very busy all morning and have  begun sorting all the kits, as well as inspecting each piece for damages.   For those who have placed a deposit on Spencer, please keep an eye out for the final balances as I will be invoicing all weekend.  Shipping will start on Monday!  Please be patient, as this is very a large number of kits to sort and package. I will be shipping them out in the sequence in which the orders were placed.

Two beautiful prototypes were completed by two, incredibly talented ladies.  The first one is a little girl by the very talented Helen Jalland. You can see her Ebay auction here. There is also an equally beautiful, boy version by the very talented, Denise Farmer. You can see her Ebay auction here. I am just blown away by what both Helen and Denise have done with my Spencer. It is so much fun to see them as both a girl and boy. 

Please click on the links beside the three pictures to see the individual photos, or go to their Ebay auctions.

You will not be disappointed! 

Please note:  There is limited stock on Spencer remaining. I have less than 20 Spencer kits available.  Please email me directly at: gomes_joanna@hotmail.com if you would still like to order one!

Spencer is sold as an unpainted vinyl kit and makes a 18-20 inch reborn baby

sincerely, Joanna                                                                                                                                                                                         www.joannagomes.com



Brand new kit Sienna

available for pre order early February

see more pictures here

I will be sending out another newsletter shortly when her pre order page is ready



Spencer prototype

reborn by


Tinkerbell Nursery


On Ebay



Spencer prototype

reborn by



On Ebay

Joanna Gomes
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