Brand New Full-Body Silicone baby


"Paisley Awake"

Limited Edition of only 20 Babies

Available as an unpainted kit!!



Sweet "Paisely Awake" was sculpted by me  from polymer clay without the use of any molds.  Every bit of her is hand sculpted.  She was then molded  by me into  super soft Ecoflex 20 or 30, solid platinum silicone.  She was than painted by me.  

Paisely will be an edition of only 20 babies, plus two prototypes and an extra "bonus baby" that will be sold on Ebay after the entire edition has been completed.   Paisely will be available with  or without hair.  Paiselys' body was poured in one piece.  Her head is ball-jointed and can move from side to side.  If you prefer you may order the head attached.   Her mouth is fully sculpted with gums and a tongue and can take a pacifier.    Paisley will have pre formed eye sockets for 18 mm 1/2 round eyes.  Silicone kits DO NOT come with eyes

Paisely measures 17nches long with her legs bent.   She weighs 7 lbs 12 oz  and wears newborn sized clothing.  Fully completed babies  will come dressed in a sweet "Carter's" outfit.  Paisely is available as a boy or a girl.  Blank kits do not come dressed.


Terms and Conditions

To purchase Paisely, you will need to make an initial deposit of $300.00 and then I will contact you with your Payment options.  If you wish to pay in full, you may do so after  making your initial deposit and letting me know that you would like to pay in full.  I will then contact you.  

Each baby Paisely will be  sold on a "first come, first served" basis.  Those who complete their total payments will receive their doll faster... (if you do "pay in full",  I will still need time to complete the babies that are in sequence and there may be a few people ahead of you).  Paying in full does not mean you will receive your doll in 6-8 weeks.  It simply means your order is put into a sequence.

Making a "full payment" instead of a "deposit" does not alter the initial timeline. 

Each baby will take me between 6-8 weeks to complete depending if  you would like your baby with or without hair.  Unpainted kits will take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete. I will be offering a  layaway option" for Paisely.  Payments must be made monthly and are not transferable towards other projects.  Any payments made are also strictly non-refundable.  If you do  not complete your payments, the doll will be offered to  someone else and your payments will be lost. 



"Paisely Awake" price is:

$3200 without hair + actual shipping  (8 month layaway available)

$1500 unpainted kit + actual shipping  (5 month layaway available)




To order Paisley Awake...  #1 through #20, 

 please make a deposit of  $300